With the wonderful experience of visiting Doodhsagar waterfall during our last visit in 2012, I did not want to miss the chance of witnessing the mighty waterfall in its full glory during monsoon. Our last visit was in October, this time we visited Goa in July. Getting to Doodhsagar is a little hassle, as you do not get a proper information of trains. In fact there is no train station at Doodhsagar, the nearest station is either Kolam or Rockcastle, from where you can trek to the falls. We were informed that no trains stop at Doodhsagar waterfall.
We went to Margoa Railway station to enquire about the train , but we were informed that the passenger train has already left and the next train is at 1, which we thought would be too late with a small kid. So we visited another wonderful place “Tropical spice garden” that day. Next day we came very early to the station and boarded a train. The train route from Margoa to Dudhsagar is wonderful with scenic beauty of forest and small local villages. Another small station Sonalium also comes on the way but no passenger trains stops there, though some goods train do halt.
After Kolam the train goes through curvaceous routes of mountains. The train also passes through many tunnels which is thrilling. The first view of the fall is mesmerizing. The top part of the fall is visible when the train takes curve, and then it hides behind trees. Within few minutes crossing through several tunnels the train passes through the mighty fall. We thought that the train will not slow down or stop at the fall and we will have to get down at next stop. Fortunately the train stopped some one KM ahead of the falls .
Everything about the view was breathtaking and mesmerizing. Surrounding view of forest, tunnels and dripping natural water from tunnels, railway tracks amid natural mountains and sometimes you witness train taking curvaceous turns amid mountains. There is an abandoned hut like structure. Probably there was a railway station many years back.

dudhsagar falls
train emerging from tunnel
tunnels around dudhsagar
distant view of train at Dudhsagar

Many people got down to witness the mighty waterfall. Witnessing the waterfall in monsoon was a bliss. The fall was in its full glory. Due to its white appearance the fall is called Doodhsagar. There is a bridge and railway track on which you stand to witness the fall.(remember Chennai Express, the bridge scene was shot there) The water was drizzling on us, the water dropping from a height with fierceness and then hiding behind the bridge and appearing again give a blissful view. The roaring sound of water makes your hear thump. It was a wonderful sight and you would like to spend more and more time there.

Coming back from there was also a challenge as there was no passenger train back, and one local guide there told us that he would take us back ofcoure on payment of some cash. He told us to walk nd see a few more spots until the train comes and we actually walked some 4-5 km till Sonalium. There we stopped as waited for a goods train so that we could request them to take us to Kolam, though it is not allowed, but since we had a child and there was one more family with a child. Finally one gods train came and the driver accepted our request and gave us a lift till Kolam.

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