V V Puram, Bangalore’s delicious street-food market

Since I shifted to Bangalore , I have been craving for north Indian genuine food especially street food. As in Bangalore you will get delicious and cheap south Indian dishes in every nook and corner , but it is very difficult to get genuine north India food with the taste intact. So when I learned about this V V Puram market , I was very curious to visit it.

The market is located right in te center of te city at Sajjan Rao Circle, close to Lal Bagh. So I boarded Bangalore Metro and got down at Lal Bagh Metro station. I took an auto from there , since I thought it better to go y auto , as I was going there for the first time. Later I realized it was better to walk from Metro station as the market was hardly 1 km from metro station.

As soon my auto entered the outskirts of the market, I could feel the fragrances of variety of street foods coming from the market. And a huge crowd of people savouring their dishes was also visible. I realized that I am already too late as the market s opens at 7 pm and I rorm eached there at 8:30. First I decided to walk through the market to take a survey of what all dishes are available. The market offers a variety of dishes . from south-Indian delicacies to north Indian chats, Mumbai street food to spicy Rajasthan food. Non-veg lovers may though get disappointed here as the market provide only vegetarian food.

VV Puram street food
Bangalore street food
Bangalore street food

Remember that the market comes to its full swing after 7 pm and weekends can be a bit overcrowded. Finding a place to park your vehicle can be a challenge and you will not find any place to sit while you enjoy your food as the outlets are in the form of stalls with no seating facility. Carrying your own water bottle would be a convenience.

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