Jharipani waterfall – A beautiful piece of nature few KM away from Mussoorie

If you like to visit offbeat places and love trekking and adventure Jaripani waterfalls are for you. Just a few kms before Mussoorie when travelling from Dehradun ,Jharipani waterfalls is a peaceful place with natural beauty at its best . Though the signboard shows that it is just 11 kms away from Mussoorie, we felt that it is a bit more. These falls are a beautiful piece of nature with cold and inviting water. The best part is the 2 km trekking through forest to reach the milky white pristine and cascading water. The fact that it is quiet, peaceful and untouched enhances the charm of this place.

cascading water

The point till where one can go by vehicle is Jharipani Castle Resort in Jharipani Village, from there the trekking starts. It is a nice trek through surrounding mountains and vegetation. You can hear the soul soothing music produced by the waterfall from a distance. Varied species of flowers, creepers and shrubs can be found near the falls and enroute the falls.

Jharipani trek
Jharipani trek2
Jharipani trek3
Jharipani trek4
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Since this place is a little isolated , it is advisable to carry drinking water or eatables. Though it would not be required as the entire visit can be done in less than 2 hours. As it is an isolated place with no cleaning facility available one should not litter over the place , tourists who have gone there before have left a lot of litter all over the place. It really feels bad to see people spoiling the beauty of such natural places.

So if you plan your next trip to Dehradun or Mussoorie do not forget to visit this beautiful and serene piece of nature.

The fall
Chilling in water

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