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It is debated whether or not shingling and coiling the hair to achieve a style can exactly be considered a real “wash-and-go”, but you should do what best works for your tresses and preferences! For this routine, I used Creme Of Nature’s Intensive Conditioning Treatment. There are some key issues and solutions to mastering the wash-n-go style that we will tackle here. Don’t get me wrong, I love washing my hair and feeling cleansed but it can be such a hassle, especially when you’re trying to figure out what works but, that’s where I come in. Allow to Air Dry. Wash Time. Copyrights © 2019 BuzzBlogPro. Not only is your curl pattern different, but also the thickness can vary. Normally, I have problems with my twist outs but I think because of these products, it made them better. Styling on dry or damp hair. Your texture is most prominent when wet, so manipulating it during this stage in your routine will help achieve the best results. After shampooing, I condition. Since your hair is worn out and free, it is more subject to tangles especially if you have kinky textured hair. Once the 30 minutes are up, its time to wash! What I’ve learn’t is: you need to know the porosity level of your hair as that determine the moisture level of your hair. Washing, conditioning, and stretching the hair doesn’t seem like it would take a full day, but it can. Afterward, I start to shampoo; section by section. | College 101, 6 Easy Ways You Can Make Press on Nails Last, How To Save Money At CVS With These 7 Easy Steps, https://sjkaine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/E4494E89-8E82-4D31-8136-48A60FBC2396.mp4. Use your fingers to massage your scalp and rinse thoroughly.Step 3, Condition your hair. All Rights Reserved. 4-type naturalistas tend to find gel with extra hold more effective especially when trying to enhance or create texture. Next, I use the Aztec Indian healing clay. It features my guest Anthony Dickey, the King of wash and gos. Soak your hair completely with water. Afterward, I start to shampoo; section by section. Remove all scarves and bonnets, then spritz your hair in the morning with the spray and fluff as needed. Alright, let’s start with a little hair history talk first. Once it is soaking wet hair, apply the CurlMix Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo to your hands, rub together and apply it to the scalp and massage with your fingers tips. Everytime I see Meghan Markle haters it’s always the same type of person. I hope you liked this guide and will implement it in your routine. It’s a wash, and work, and wait, and WERK! The next step in my wash and go routine is styling my hair and I really like to keep this simple so all I do is take a small section of my hair and twirl it around my finger. The final step is allowing your hair to air dry which is difficult for those with hand-in … The protective style I normally do is Marley twists and sometimes, I curl them. For this routine, I used the Garnier Fructis Hair Food Banana. be achieved on 4-type hair. Once the natural hair movement became more popularized and everyone was big chopping and posting numerous youtube videos, I started investing in better products and learning the proper ways to care for my hair. She enjoys keeping her readers/viewers in the loop about the latest beauty products and trends as well as sharing her own beauty looks, tips, and tutorials. This can irritate the scalp and develop redness as well as dry scaling. With twist outs, I struggle to go for a full week without wetting my hair, and after a few days of my twist out, it loses the style, anyways. You all know I LOVE a good WASH N GO. From there, my hair has been thriving. Hey Naturalistas! Then…. I think overnight deep conditioning allows you to really lock in all the moisture. Jaleesa Charisse is a Dallas-based beauty blogger and YouTuber. Here are the steps I took to achieve a PERFECT wash and go for type 4 curls. Now, my routine isn’t perfect and I’m still testing out new products and go through trial and error but most importantly, I know which brands won’t work on my hair and waste my time. Now that you know what not to do let me give you my steps for you to achieve a perfect wash and go on 4c hair. In order to maintain your wash-and-go, preserving the style at night is a must. Wash and go can still work with this type of hair, but it needs significantly more attention than 4A hair in order to create and keep a defined curl pattern. Wash and Go Routine: Step 5. The scalp and hair dry out too quickly because the protective fatty film is removed again and again. Reader Q&A: CurlyNikki's Step-by-Step Notes on Perfecting the Wash-and-Go Curly Nikki's step-by-step notes on achieving defined curls right out of the shower. Especially if you usually wear protective styles. Need mid-day refreshing? I decided to give this a go on my own hair during my wash day. The wash and go is possible, even as a 4b/c natural. And it’s definitely not JUST a wash and go for us! For low porosity, try a lightweight gel; for high porosity, try a heavier gel with more hold. Like anything in life though, it does come with some cons. Last Step Enjoy! Why? I use Auntie Jackie’s Moisture Intensive Leave-in and it feels great, Afterward, I use Doo Gro’s Mega Thick Formula Hair Oil and Kuza Indian Hemp to oil and moisturize. By submitting this form, I am providing my consent to be called, texted, and/or emailed by Ogle School at the number and/or email provided. After a full night of beauty sleep, revive your style with a refreshing spray especially if you live in a dryer climate. Also, check out my natural hair products post here! Over the years, I think I’ve somewhat perfected my wash day routine and have learned what products my hair likes, dislikes, and how to achieve certain styles. You just have to know what works for your curl pattern. This is my UPDATED Wash N Go routine now that my hair has grow a few more inches. I was really impressed with the outcome of the curl definition on my 4b/4c natural hair. Once you've gotten this down, you're going to be a wash-n-go wiz! Auntie Jackie’s Moisture Intensive Leave-in. Detangle using the ouidad comb 4. 1. This will also help … Once it’s damp, the first thing I do is put in some leave-in conditioner. After keeping them in for a while, you. You could start by combining Bentonite clay with a selected category of essential oils. Go to bed without putting your hair in the nighttime routine I suggest. Because the hair is so coily, every curl is a potential break point, and thus needs the most care and … Here are some tips to achieve and maintain a 5-day wash & go for natural hair: Styling on super soaking wet hair can feel a little weird but when trying to achieve a wash & go on any type of hair, it’s best to style on wet hair rather than damp. The wash-and-go is a staple hairstyle for people with naturally kinky, curly, or Afro-textured hair. But, I love putting this product in my hair. Then, rinse off with a protein-free conditioner as protein conditioners aren’t friendly with low porosity hair. Sectioning the hair also helps immensely. I think it has helped with the health of my hair and every time I use it, my hair feels extra soft. Since moving to Spain, I have been testing different conditioners since I haven’t found the exact same products I used back in the states. This video is a step-by-step guide to doing a wash n go on type 4 natural hair. Keep in mind that some styling gels have a lighter hold or more hold, so pay attention to what your hair likes to establish a preference. You can even pineapple your curls and coils during the day as a quick up-do style. My hair looked so nice, I did an impromptu photoshoot for the heck of it. Auntie Jackie’s Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo, Creme Of Nature’s Intensive Conditioning Treatment. But, after my first appointment with a DevaCurl stylist, my wash day has never been the same. I actually really loved the way it felt and how it easily glided into my hair. When you learn what makes your curls pop living the wash n go life is a dream. Styling is done in no time and it can be a good way to infuse your hair with moisture. This is because I love how my hair looks in wash and gos, and I reallyyy love getting my hair wet. The wash and go is also sometimes referred to as the shake and go which further emphasizes the lack of actual styling involved. That can lead to the hair losing its suppleness and elasticity; yes it can come to long-term damage and breakage. Don’t forget to section your hair and smooth the product in … Like a copy and paste racist button. I’m here to give you a step by step guide to 4c natural hair wash day routine. Apply shampoo directly to you your scalp. But the execution can be challenging for some. Leave a comment! We can’t wait to talk to you about your goals and see if we can help you achieve them. You can read more blog posts by her at JaleesaCharisse.com. This consent is not a condition of purchase. How to Get the Best Wash and Go Ever on Kinky Coily Hair [ Type 4C / 4B ] Cleansing Step 1 Completely saturate your hair. A wash-and-go hairstyle is the ultimate staple in the natural hair community. I absolutely love Auntie Jackie’s and I honestly think it’s one of the best products I’ve ever used on my hair. I split my hair into fours and twist it down before spraying water all over it to soak it in. Wash and Go on 4C Hair Method 1 You HAVE TO START IN THE SHOWER WITH CLEAN HAIR, at least until you have mastered the technique Ensure you condition your hair, the conditioner will start to awaken your curls, let them look more defined While in … Trying to achieve a wash and go on dry or damp hair … All you need is water, clean and moisturized hair, a few styling essentials, and voila—you’re ready to walk out the door. Apply a cream to help smooth and define your curls while hair is still soaking wet. For this, I use the Shea Moisture Braid up and take down Detangler. Fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with you. After styling your wash-and-go, leave your curls to set on their own without manipulation. This gives my curls a pattern to follow and a shape to take so that way when it dries it will dry in that shape. Growing up, my hair was healthy and thick but due to texturizers and a ton of tight sew-ins, my hair became extremely damaged. Start with clean hair. Here are some tips to achieve and maintain a 5-day wash & go for natural hair: Sit under a hooded or bonnet dryer on low to medium heat, Air dry it the natural way (continue on with your day, let the windows down in the car, run errand, etc.). 1. Soaking Wet Hair. Once all my products are in and sealed, I twist it up quickly and let my hair rest until the next day. My hair is low porosity. This helps in rehydrating your hair so when you shampoo, it doesn’t strip all of the moisture. What Happens If I Wash My 4C Natural Hair Too Often. Primark Vitamin C Skincare Products Review, Step By Step Guide To 4C Natural Hair Wash Day Routine, How to Save Money in College | Tips & Tricks, 5 Unconventional Ways To Survive Quarantine​, 5 Things You Should Do Your Freshman Year! The goal of a wash and go is to capture your curl definition. Shea Moisture Braid up and take down Detangler. Much like a lot of black women, our hair has gone through some stress. For gorgeous volume Rinse your hair under warm water for at least five minutes. To help you maintain a visible curl consistently, moisturize your hair properly and then do protective styles like braids and twist outs. Section your hair in 6 to 8 sections 2. Such a love and hate relationship. But, it wasn’t until 2018, my senior of college that I cut some of my hair off and started to actually care about it. Your scalp naturally produces oil, but due to the shape of curly hair, these oils do not usually … Personally, for my coils, shingling and finger-coiling my hair allows me to keep my natural texture while clumping several strands for a more noticeable pattern. Now into the routine that I personally think helped with my hair health and just keeping it simply clean. I have 4B/4C hair and at the beginning of summer I decided to follow a wash and go-only regimen. Twisted Sista is another brand that works wonderfully on my hair. I was always doing twist-outs in order to elongate my curls, well that’s time consuming and involves too much manipulation of my 4C hair that highly prefers low manipulation. Sulfate-free shampoos clean your hair without drying out your scalp.Step 2, Begin to shampoo your hair. Wash day, wash day, wash day. I’m not sure how many times you’re supposed to this but I suggest only once. How to Achieve & Maintain a 5-Day Wash & Go for 4C Natural Hair, Contrary to popular belief within the natural hair community, wash-and-go hairstyles. This is my creative space, where I share my thoughts on fashion, lifestyle, and travel as well as give you the best tips on how you can live your best life on a budget! Anthony Dickey is the owner of the haircare line and salon “Hair Rules” and was the first to open a multi-texture salon with key focus on curly, kinky, and frizzy hair types and textures. Step 1, Pick a sulfate-free shampoo. Step 2: Apply a rich, buttery Coco Crème Velvet Cream Hair Mask as a deep treatment to strengthen hair. Apply prepoo – I recommend Mielle Organics 3. For this wash-n-go, we used Sealing Hair Butter and Get Set Hair Jelly to set the hair. Next, I deep condition. Check out some of our favorites below! Incorporate a Satin bonnet cap into your routine for your 4c low porosity hair regimen. Textured hair is more manageable when … After that, I rinse it out in order of the way I put the product in. I just recently started using the Indian hemp and its amazing! As for time, the more you practice the faster styling becomes. The next and probably most difficult step in perfecting the wash and go is to know that everyone cannot achieve a result they will be happy with. Treating extremely dry hair to intense nourishment and repair is the key to all natural hairstyles and no-heat hairstyles. Step 3: Shingle Coco Crème Coil Enhancing Moisture Butter throughout hair for maximum definition and shine. Then, voila! Otherwise, pull your hair into a “pineapple” with a scarf and repeat nightly. Type 4 hair, especially type 4c texture, typically is most fragile of all the hair types. It took me a while to do embrace my natural texture and do wash and gos. Since it is quarantine, I’ve been letting my hair free and, my twist out actually came out really well! Perhaps they want the ease of doing a wash and go that doesn’t tangle as much (which seems to be why most 4c girls avoid doing wash and goes in the first place). Styling on super soaking wet hair can feel a little weird but when trying to achieve … Now, I only do this once a month. If your climate is humid, you may not need to do very much refreshing. However, for this routine, I did a twist out. The next morning, I wash out the product and let my hair dry a little before doing the LOC method. What are some products you use? I split my hair into fours and twist it down before spraying water all over it to soak it in. After the twists are all out, I then oil my hair up with Shea Moisture hot oil treatment. First things first, we should all be pre-pooing! Whatever you do, be sure not to disrupt your drying process! Use a Satin bonnet. This helps to soften the hair as your untwisting and not damage your roots. Wash your hair with conditioner (co-wash) Saturate your hair with lots of water; Apply a leave in conditioner; Apply a holding product; Shake hair out to separate and clump coils; Let hair air dry, sit under a dryer, or blow dry; Note: Shampoo is still recommended, but to be used less often. My hair feels sooo moisturized and I believe it has made it grow longer and thicker in the last month or two of using it. I could see why to some people it may appear that the “ease” of the wash and go is lost if somebody is following this method to a T, but I don’t think so. To style your wash-and-go, use a styling gel (not edge control) whether you’re choosing the shingle/coil method or simply finger-combing product through each section of hair. If you have a bad habit of not covering your hair, invest in a satin or silk pillowcase. For my shampoo, I use Auntie Jackie’s moisturizing and softening shampoo. Lastly, I use Twisted Sista Curl Activating Creme. Natural hair salon are expensive in South Florida, a visit range from $90 to $250. Curl definition is most pronounced when the hair is saturated with moisture by using water based products and applying them on wet hair. The Steps to Wash 1. You should remember that a naturalista with type 3c or 4a hair will not have the same wash and go as a type 4b or 4c naturalista. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can easily mess up your style and create frizz overnight. In order to master the wash-n-go on your natural hair, especially for those of us with coily, type 4 textured hair, it comes down to some details. Since I normally wash my hair on Fridays, I deep condition overnight and I love it. When conditioning, I also detangle and leave in the product until I’ve done each section. The next day, (most likely Sunday) I redo my Marley twists and prepare for the workweek. We’ve all gone from the healthy locks growing up to the terrible stages in high school to joining the natural hair movement. Once the 30 minutes are up, its time to wash! It’s quick, it’s easy, and saves your hair from the damage of heat styling. Apply a leave-in condition all over hair. Sundays have always been my wash day, and I knew that day would be dedicated to my 4c curls. Hi future beauty professional! No matter what hair type you have, there's a tutorial made perfectly for you. Contrary to popular belief within the natural hair community, wash-and-go hairstyles can be achieved on 4-type hair. need to remove them properly and carefully. A wash-and-go is the perfect everyday hairstyle for when you want to wear your hair down and get your curls popping! Just like the conditioners, I have also been testing out products. For example, if you normally shampoo once a week, continue to do so. Carry a small bottle of diluted leave-in conditioner or spray in your bag! 7 Ways You Can Stay Productive While Working From Home! Your wash and go is achieved. For my shampoo, I use Auntie Jackie’s moisturizing and softening shampoo. 5. @Allison Thompson Wash and go does work for 4c hair but you just have to figure out what works for u. I cut my Sisterlocks in October and I’ve been doing wash and go on my TWA since then. That’s everything!

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