Hampi, the exceptional kingdom of past

Visiting Hampi was like a long time wish come true, Hampi is an exceptional place and you have to see it to believe it. It is not in the list of world’s top must visit place for no reason. Mesmerizing monuments, captivating landscape, wonderful sunrise and sunset points, grand history, Hampi is definitely a traveller’s delight.
So we took an overnight train from Bangalore to Hampi. The nearest railway station is Hospet, which is around 20-22 km from Hampi. We had booked our accommodation in Hotel Clarks which is in Kamlanagar around 3-4 km from Hampi. Hotel Clarks , Kamlanagar was quite a decent accommodation for our weekend trip, with very hospitable staff and reasonable price even at the restaurant. From Hospet you can avail an Auto or bus to reach Hampi. We booked an auto for INR 200 for a drop to our hotel.
As it was weekend and Hampi is mostly crowded during weekends, we were told that check in can happen only after 11:30. We decided to visit nearby places till that time, we enquired for the city tour rate with the hotel members and some autowalas, finally we got and auto driver who agreed to take us for two days city tour and drop at Hospet after that for INR 2600(though after some bargain), hence started our exploration of wonderful Hampi, apparently in ruins but mesmerizing.

Here is the list of places we visited in order, we skipped some of the points(though very few of them) due to time constraint and hot weather.
Day 1 :
Queens bath
Royal enclosure
Lotus Mahal
Elephant stable
Hazara Rama temple

queens bath
stepwell at royal Enclosure
elephant structure
Royal Enclosure
lotus temple
hazara rama temple

Vitthala temple and the famous stone Chariot (will be writing in details about it)
Sunset point at the end of the day to relax and enjoy the beautiful day ending

stone chariot
sunset in Hampi

Above five spots are in vicinity to each other and can be visited in one stretch, we hired a guide at royal enclosure for INR 200, though it is up to your interest but I prefer guided tour in historical places as it gives you a complete knowledge of the splendid history of the place you are visiting. He offered to guide us for Lotus Mahal and nearby monuments for INR 800, but we gave it a skip as we had to check into our hotel and we were tired.

Next day we started early morning at 5:30 on the instructions of our auto driver, we started the day with sunrise point and ended with sunset, what can be more beautiful beginning of the morning and more relaxing end of the day! We also visited the famous Virupaksha temple and Hemkuntha hills monuments and did the enthralling coracle ride .

Day 2
Sunrise at Anjana Parwat

The birth place of Anjaney, lord Hanuman. It’s a climb of about 365 steps, there is a temple dedicated to lord Hanuman at the top of the Hill. The view down the hill is mesmerizing and the sunrise from here is ethereal.
Pampa Sarovar, Laxmi temple and Shabri Ashram (all close by)
Pampa Sarovar is believed to be a sacred pond where God and goddesses have taken holy baths. Not well maintained but mythological significant.
Durga temple and Bali cave
After visiting the above three places early morning we came back to our hotel for breakfast and freshening up. And then started again in the afternoon with magical coracle ride.
Coracle ride
Coracle is a small round shape boat made of bamboo, tar and plastic. We took a ride of 30 min on the wonderful coracle in mighty Tungbhadra river. They charged 500 Rs per person. The ride through the mesmerizing surrounding in 30 feet deep water and a coracle was one of the best part of our tour in Hampi.

coracle ride
hemakuntha hills

Virupaksha Temple
The oldest monument in Hampi which is still active for prayers
Hemkuntha hills and sunset at Hemkuntha
Next to Virupaksha temples are the hill temples and structure of Hemkuntha constructed on the inclined hills, these monuments are amazing in themselves.
Besides these points we also saw the giant Narsimha structure, Shivalinga , Ganesha structure etc


After having this wonderful experience in Hampi, we returned back with lots of cherishing memories. Our driver Rehman dropped us to Railway station to catch our overnight train to Bangalore.
I kept wondering , if the city is so enchanting in its ruins in 21st century , it must have been a paradise in its glory. Why has human always taken the path of massacre and destruction in order to establish his rule over mankind.

This journey was done last month, presently my whole nation is under 21 days lockdown due to Covid-19 outbreak in the world. We are really in difficult situation and entire world is suffering from it. Be safe be and be in home while the nature takes its own time to rekindle itself.

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