Pangong Tso (Lake) is one of the most beautiful places in Leh, which should not be misses at all. It is a high altitude lake situated at 15,000 feet. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and pristine sky hovered by clouds sometimes.

Two wheelers and four wheelers are easily available at Leh. Do not forget to carry your driving license if you want to hire a two wheeler. If you are hiring a cab and travelling alone, sharing your cab with fellow travelers would be a wise decision, as traveling alone would be costly if you are looking for a budget travel. Special permit is required for Pangong visit, your hotel, travel agent or driver can help you with that. You need to have any of your identity cards with you.
Driving to Pangong in itself is a wonderful experience, as you witness some of the unique flora and fauna amidst most beautiful terrain, fresh weather, snowcapped mountains, clean environment and small and beautiful villages’ enroute. If you are lucky enough you can witness some beautiful Himalayan animals like Himalayan Marmot, yak and rare species of birds.

Himalayan Marmot
yaks seen on the way to Pangong Lake

It is wonderful to experience sun rising behind beautiful snowcapped mountains. The landscape changes every few Kms. The route to Pangong also passes through one of the highest pass in the region – Chang La, where you can halt for tea, Maggi and witness beautiful surroundings.


The lake is pristine, calm and beautiful with clear blue water, which changes color at some places. After a long drive of about five to six hours, through beautiful route, the first view creates excitement in the travelers.
First view of Pangong Lake

Pangong is one of the largest brackish water lakes in Asia , which stretching across India and Tibet. About two-third part of the lake is in Tibet. Sometimes the water of Lake may be frozen, the weather is generally cold. The beauty of the place is really enchanting and one would like to spend quality time there enjoying the beauty of place, photographing and walking along the banks.

There are very few shops available near the lake selling tea and meals. A special type of tea is available all across Ladakh called kahwa, which is good to beat the cold of the place as per locals here. One can also camp on the banks of the lake for which one need to take prior permission from the authorities.
Do not forget to visit Pangong Tso, for a beautiful experience of Life, when you visit Ladakh.

Important points
• May to October is the best time to visit Pangong
• The weather in Ladakh is cold throughout the year, temperature further drops at altitudes, at Chang-La it is extremely cold, do not forget to keep your winter clothes.
• One may feel breathing problems at altitudes, due to lack of oxygen, it is advisable to keep oxygen cylinders in your cars.
• For a day trip, it is advisable to leave early and return early, for a night stay good tents, sleeping bags and woolens are must.
• Since you are travelling in a hilly area with snow hurdles like unforeseen landslides are possible, precaution and preparation is necessary.
• Nearby army basements can be contacted for medical emergency.
• Last but most important –maintain the beauty and decorum of nature, be a responsible tourist

How to reach Pangong : Pangong Tso is at a distance of about 170 KM from Leh, as mentioned earlier two wheeler and four wheelers are easily available at Leh, one need to take special permission from the district authorities to visit the lake , contact your travel agent or hotel authorities to help you with the permit.

Pangong Tso
Pangong Tso
Pangong Tso
Pangong Tso

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