We kept our third day reserved for visiting the mighty Dudhsagar waterfalls. Dudhsagar falls is amongst India’s tallest waterfalls. A very popular seen of 2013 Bollywood movie “Chennai Express” has been shot here with train on the tracks and falls at the backdrop. This made us keener about visiting the falls.

We took the rail track route from Madgaon. We started early so that we don’t have to stand in queue. The route to Dudhsagar is very scenic through lush green curvaceous tracks. At some places you can see the edges of the train when it takes turns. There are numerous view points on the route, the first glimpse of the falls is from across the valley and you get thrilled on the first glimpse. Dudhsagar falls is a four tiered waterfalls situated on the borders of Goa and Karnataka on Mondovi River. It is located on Madgaon-Belgaum rail route.

If you have a shortage of time you can also enjoy seeing the waterfall from the train. The train passes through a lot of tunnels and also crosses Dudhsagar falls. There is also a sharp U-turn near the Dudhsagar falls where you also get to see the full view of the falls.

There is no proper platform at Dudhsagar where a passenger can expect a train to stop; there is just an unscheduled stoppage of 1-2 minutes where the passengers have to climb down the stepladder of the rail compartment. From there the visitors have to walk around 1 km to arrive at the falls, there is around a 200 m long tunnel which is completely dark. It was fun viewing the train coming out of the dark tunnel. We spent some time trying out creative shots on the railway track. The whole area is totally devoid of the city culture and it provide a good time away from the hustle bustle of city life.

After walking about 1 km the stunning nature’s gift was roaring in front of us. The white water of Dudhsagar (Dudhsagar means sea of milk), was roaring and rushing with a tremendous force. From the bridge some portion of the falls is not visible and it is much taller then what it appears. One can see the panoramic view of the falls from opposite side by trekking a few kms. We spent a good time enjoying and admiring the beauty of the nature and took various shots with the falls at the background.

After that we went to a building on the end of the bridge opposite to the falls where some vendors were selling snacks like vada, poha ,tea. We had to catch the next train going back to Madgaon as that was the only way of our returning back to Goa. There is no ticket counter at the station and you have to be really quick to catch the train. We were lucky for that matter as we got a passenger train. We return back enjoying and clicking the beauty of nature.

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  1. Waaooo… that’s great ……beautiful experience and it was so expressive….. just wonderfully written

  2. Hi,
    The photos are very nice and I loved the way you have expressed your experience.
    Its a very a beautiful place and i too have very good memories from there.

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