Jabalpur situated on the shores of river Narmada is a peaceful, slow paced and relaxed town in Madhya Pradesh known for its splendid Ghats, gushing waterfalls and glittering historical and cultural structures. This industrial city is fast developing as bustling city with modern amenities. It is a popular destination for nature and history lovers.

Jabalpur was a pleasure resort and capital of Gond kings during 12 century, later became the seat of Kalchury dynasty , besieged by Mughal army in 16th century and finally conquered by Maratha’s in 1789 who ruled the town till 1817 when British took it from them. The splendid history of the city is evident through the monuments in and outside the city. The impact of British Empire is visible through their colonial residence and barracks.

Places of Interest
National Parks : Jabalpur is the Gateway to two famous National parks Kanha National Park which is 165 km and Bandhavgarh National Park which is 164 km from the city. Jabalpur is home to one of the biggest nature parks The Dumna nature Park spread in 1058 hectors of land. The park includes a dam called Khandari Dam, forest and many species of birds and animals.

Marble Wonder : Imagine yourself passing through 100 feet tall mountains of marble under brightly lit moon, cold water and pleasant breeze. This spectacular experience happens in Bhedaghat about 26 km from Jabalpur. Treat yourself with boat ride here to see the magical mountains change their shape as you sail along. The guide on the boat will tell you stories about the Ghats. Day ride is also beautiful as you see the sparkling rocks change colour with sunshine falling on them.

At bhedaghat
Bhedaghat a marble wonder in Jabalpur

The Falls : Dhuandhar Falls near Bhedaghat is also a spectacular site where otherwise calm Narmada throws in a beautiful surprise as she plunges down with so much force that area around it is covered with the mist or smoke hence creating Dhuandhar falls. One can take a cable car to take aerial view of the falls. At the parking area the locals sell souvenirs and edibles. There can be crowd on weekends or holidays but the sight and massive roar of the falls are relishing.

Dhuandhar falls in Jabalpur

Chausat Yogini Temple : A short walk from the falls will take you to Chausat Yogini temple. A 10th century temple built by Kalachuri kingdom. The temple has a distinct resemblance to the temples of Khajuraho. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, the temple has a beautiful architecture and is a heritage site in India.

Rani Durgavati Memorial : Established in the memory of the great Gond Queen Durgavati in 1964, it is her memorial and museum which houses a fine collection of sculptures, inscriptions , prehistoric relics and antiques from the 10th century.

Madan Mahal Fort : Situated on hilltop in the city , this 11th century fort belonged to Gond rulers Rani Durgavati and her son Madan Singh. It is a small fort. From the hilltop one can have a panoramic view of Jabalpur city. The fort is partially built over a boulder and around it are ruins of a stable and other unrecognizable structure. Balancing rock situated near the fort is a geological wonder.

Tilwara Ghat : This is the place from where Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in the river Narmada this is also a venue of the open session of the Tripuri Congress in 1939.

Pisanhari Ki Madiya : Pisanhari Ki Madiya is a popular Digamber Jain pilgrimage situated in lush green hilly area. The temple is known since last 500 years for its extra ordinary story of a dedicated and God loving women who built it when once she heard the preaching of a Jain monk. She collected money to build the temple by grinding wheat floor.

chousath yogini temple
relicks at Madan Mohan fort
At Rani Durgavati Museum
Chousath Yogini temple premises
balancing rock
Pisanhari Ki Madiya
madan mahal fort
Rani Durgavati Museum
inside Pisanhari Ki Madiya

The 12th century Mala Devi Mandir, Pisan Hari Jain Temples, Bargi Lakeside Resort and Roopnath are some of the other sites in and around Jabalpur which merit a visit.

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