The month of August comes with a lot of festivity and national holidays. The month starts in Sharavan, which in Hinduism is a very auspicious month. The festivity starts with Sharavan, then comes Hindu festivals like Teej, Rakshabandhan and Janmashtami. National festival Independence Day falls on 15th Aug. popularly common among youth ‘Friendship Day’ falls on first Sunday of the month’. And finally Eid is celebrated towards the end of this month. Hence the whole months goes in a lot of festivity, celebrations and long weekends.

Hindu month of Sharavan begins in mid of July and ends in mid of august. The whole month of Sharavan is devoted to Lord Shiva. Prayers and offerings are made to the revered God during the entire month. During this month of Sharavan, pilgrims go on ‘Kanwar’ journey, A journey done by devotees ideally on foot. The devotees carry holy water from river Ganga , they carry them in vessels which hang on their shoulders with the help of wooden Lathis, which is called Kanwar. The destination of the Kanwar journey is Shiva temples, popularly Kashi Vishwanath (Uttar Pradesh) and Deoghar (Jharkhand). Camps are organised on various parts of north India for the halt of rest of Kanwarias.

Teej is one of the most sacred Hindu festivals mainly observed in northern part of India. This is mainly celebrated by women to seek blessing and well being of their husbands. Teej is celebrated to honour the devotion of Goddess Parvati who underwent strict penance for years to get lord Shiva as her husband. Some women fast on Teej for the well being and health of their husband, unmarried girls also keep this fast to get a husband like lord Shiva. Three types of Teej are celebrated in India namely Hariyali Teej or Choti Teej which falls in Sharavan. Kajari Teej or Badi Teej is celebrated fifteen days after Hariyali Teej and Haritalika Teej is held almost a month after Haryali Teej in the Hindu month of Bhado. Different stated have different way of celebration of the festival.


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The knot of protection, Rakshabandhan. It falls on full moon day of Sharavan month. This festival is popularly celebrated between brother and sister where sisters tie Rakhi on brother’s hand and brother takes a vow to always take care of and protect his sister. T here are many mythological stories behind Rakhi celebration one of which is, – Once lord Krishna got a cut on his finger and was bleeding profusely. Seeing this, Draupadi tore a part of her sari and tied it around his finger, since then Krishna took a vow to come for the help of Draupadi whenever she needed. Raksha Bandan Though primarily is a Hindu festival; has long surpassed communal borders and is celebrated by many across the country and abroad regardless of religion.

Krishna Janmashtami

Children dressed as Radha -Krishna
A child dressed as Kanha

Krishna Janmashtami celebrates the birth of lord Krishna, the eight avatar of Lord Vishnu. Janamashtami falls on the eighth day of the Hindu month of Bhadra, Bhado or Bhadrapada, which typically falls between August and September. On this day Hindu’s spend the the worshipping lord Krishna offering prayers , singing , dancing in owner of the lord and some also observe fast which is broken on the next day with elaborate meals.

Independence Day

CST on the eve of Independence Day
Hotel Taj on the eve f Independence day

This important Indian National festivals and holiday is celebrated on 15th of August. India got its Independence on this day in 1947. This year India celebrated its 71st independence day. Though a national holiday it is celebrated with great zeal. Prime minister and present of India address the nation on this day. Television and radio telecast programme of patriotism and programmes are organised in schools, colleges and offices to celebrate this important day.

Friendship Day

More popular among youth, Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. The tradition which began in US in 1935 has gradually gained popularity and today Friendship Day is celebrated in large number of countries including India. Exchange of Friendship Day Gifts like flowers, cards and wrist bands is a popular tradition of this occasion.

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