Mussoorie, the queen of hills is just 35 kms from my home town Dehradun and has been a quick escape on many occasions. The fascinating town of Mussoorie situated on the mountains at an altitude of 6000 feet is visible from the valley (Dehradun) and gives a lovely day and night view. Mussoorie, is called ‘Queen of Hills’, for its beauty, it is land of abundant beauty, which becomes magnificent during winters with white snow-covered Himalayan peaks . this make it one of the most popular hill stations in Uttarakhand.

When you belong to a certain place , you become so casual to it as if the place belongs to you. So whenever I am in my hometown and feel like visiting Mussoorie , I just pick my scooty and drive towards the hills. Although Dehradun itself is a wonderful place and there are a number of routes for a refreshing drive but driving towards zig-zag route of Mussoorie is worth an experience. Stopping at a maggi corners for hot delicious maggi and enjoying the view of Dehradun valley is my favourite thing to do, the view downhill is mesmerizing.

Mussoorie derives its name after a plant Mussoorie or shrub mansoor which is found in abundance here. Mussoorie was found around 1820 when a British army officer came here for construction of a shooting lodge. Because of the beauty and location of this place British made their cantonment here. The lush green hills, varied flora and fauna and majestic Shivalik views attract thousands of tourist to this hill station every year.

There are a number of Tourist spots in Mussoorie like Kempty fall , Mall Raod, Lal Tibba, Camels back road, Mussoorie lake, Jharipani Falls, Cloud’s End, Company Garden, Benog Hill, Jwalaji Temple etc. Apart from being a place of scenic beauty Mussoorie is also known for Lal Bahadur Shashtri academy of administration where country’s IAS and IPS officers are trained. While most of its tourist spots are flooded with tourists most of the time, I like to drive to random place here and just enjoy the greenery and nature.

Main tourist places in Mussoorie are
Camel’s back road, situated on a picturesque location on a cloud kissing hilltop. The name is due to a camel shaped rock situated here. You can enjoy horse ride or cycle ride here or enjoy the beauty of nature sitting in Gazebos

Lal Tibba, the highest point in Mussoorie. Comparitivey less commercialized, may be because of height. Luckly we found a shop here and grabbed some chips. You may find snow here at odd times, as we did. Himaliyan peaks can be viewed through telescope.

Gun hill, the second highest point in Mussoorie. This place has a historical significance that belongs to colonial era when Canon shots use to be fired from here for the locals to set their time. Enjoy panoramic views of hills and valley from here through cabel car.

Company Garden or Municipal garden , a beautiful garden with beautiful collection of flowers, fun activities and a wax museum with wax statues of popular figures

Mall road, like every hill stations in India Mussoorie has a mall road too, with horde of restaurants ,shops, hotels and road side vendors. Do try street foods ,try omelette at Lovely omelette center a small and famous shop at mall road. If you are a book lover, you must visit Cambridge Book Depot, you will get all kind of book here, the place is also frequented by a number of Authors including famous author Ruskin Bond who comes to this place almost every Saturday. At Chick chocolate you get really delicious homemade chocolates

Kempty falls, most popular and heavily commercialized tourist spot in Mussoorie. This is a scenic cascading waterfall but has bean but has been overtly exploited by irresponsible tourism.

Bhatta Falls, a recently developed tourist place and comparatively less commercialized. It is a beautiful natural stream falling from the hills. A serene place away from the hustle and bustle of city.

Cloud’s end, A pristine quite and serene place for nature lovers. Just track to this place to enjoy nature at its best.

Jharipani Falls Track to this place to enjoy a fresh waterfall, rather unexploited and serene place, Located about 2 kms from the Jharipani village

Mussorie downhill view
Kempty falls
Horse ride to gun hill
Sunset on the way
At Camels back road
found a shop at Lal Tibba
Shiv Temple on the way
Buddhist temple at Happy Valley
Still some snowat  gun hill

Note : you will find many such unexploited natural places if you just go for an unplanned walk, you will find some of the above falls in their full swing only during monsoon season , but these places and tracks are worth a visit for amazing adventures.

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