Waking up to idyllic morning, with chirping of birds, cold breeze , pea-cocks singing and dancing to the tune of nature, hot brewing cup of tea…
what else!

I am Saraswati,
Saraswati according to Hindu mythology is the Goddess of intellect, knowledge, education, music and culture. I love nature mountains attract me, rivers mesmerize me. I also love visiting historical places, monuments, as they are rich of glorious history.
Thankfully there is no dearth of such places in India. As goes the maxim “ kos-kos par paani badle, char kos par bani” ( the taste of water change after every one mile and language changes after every four miles). India is rich of natural beauty, varied culture and glorious monuments. Through my blog I would like to share some interesting things about India and its culture, about the places I visit and some thoughts.